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CGA Scholarships

CGA Scholarships Getting Bigger & Better

The CGA Scholarship Committee has introduced new, higher value scholarships for family, employees and friends of any CGA member. Let’s encourage more young people to stay in our growing industry. We’ve worked hard at building the fund base and we are proud to offer the following scholarships:

  • CGA Scholarships – Two $2,000 one‐year scholarships.

  • CGA Memorial Scholarship – Up to $2,500 is awarded annually to honor and remember CGA members who have passed away. Specific money is donated to this fund for this cause. Available to any CGA member, family or employee of a CGA-member company.

  • Sheryl Kratz Scholarship – Honoring the memory of a CGA family member we lost many years ago, this $2,000 scholarship has been opened to include both men and women pursuing higher education.

Please encourage your family, friends & employees to apply now for these great scholarships. Your fellow members welcome the opportunity to award these valuable scholarships to deserving folks who will help maintain our great industry.

How to Apply

The application period is February 1 to March 15 of each year. The applicant must be a California resident, provide a 500 word essay about their chosen field of study and meet eligibility requirements (see below).

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

  1. Applications for groundwater related scholarships will be accepted from any person pursuing a major course of study in groundwater.
  2. Applications for general field of study scholarships will be accepted from any person who has a family affiliation with a member of the California Groundwater Association (including employees of business members).
  3. Applications for a Sheryl Kratz Memorial Scholarship will be accepted from any woman pursuing higher education in a water related field of study or in a general field of study subject to the limitations noted in section 2 above.
  4. Applicant must be a California resident and must show proof of current admission or entry acceptance at an educational institution within 6 months of scholarship award.
  5. Grade point average to enter and retain eligibility shall be that grade point average required by the educational institution in its scholarship program.
  6. Applicants shall provide a 500 word essay demonstrating their interest in ground water technology or their chosen field of study.
  7. Applications will be judged by the CGA Scholarship Committee which is appointed by the Board of Directors annually.
  8. Funds are given to the institution's scholarship fund in the recipient’s name.
  9. Application, essay, and transcripts must be received at the CGA office by March 15th in order to receive consideration for a scholarship award.
  10. Letters of recommendation from professor, teacher, employer, etc. are highly valued.
  11. CGA may request water scholarship applicants to make contact with a local CGA Branch officer to discuss their desire to pursue a groundwater career.

Download application form. Scholarship applications are due by March 15th of each year.


Scholarship Recipients

Jessica Taylor of San Luis Obispo was chosen as the winner of the $2,000 Sheryl Kratz Memorial Scholarship largely because she intends to pursue a degree in environmental engineering. While attending Cuesta College, she has been employed by the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board. In the fall she will be attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Jessica’s essay noted, “I believe there is a fine balance to be found by learning from both the assets and disservices of California’s current water regulatory system and understanding the resulting affects within the community.” At this time in our industry, we need more individuals like Jessica entering the field. CGA is proud to assist in her efforts.

Dan Hedman of Sacramento, received the $2,000 CGA Friends and Family Scholarship. He has been brought up in the groundwater industry through his family, who owns and operates Hedman Drilling. Dan currently is the General Manager of the family business started by his grandfather Eugene shortly after World War II. Dan intends to embark on a program leading to a degree in hydrology and government at American River College. At Board of Directors meetings in the past, Dan could often be observed bantering with other members on politics and other water-related issues. His comment in his essay that, “higher education will be essential to the success of future groundwater contractors”, shows his continued commitment to sustaining our industry. CGA looks forward to a long association with Dan.

Katie Guardino of Gilroy received the initial James Edward Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $2,500. The Guardino name is well-known in CGA circles, with Katie’s great-great-grandfather Joe being one of the founding fathers of the association. Katie plans to further her education at the University of Alabama pursuing a major in history with an emphasis in pre-law. Eventually she hopes to become a lawyer. Katie comments in her essay that “there is nothing I am more passionate about than the law”. CGA is proud to help start her on her way toward her goal.

Past Scholarship Recipients

Scott Soares
Rogelio Juarez
Zachary Cipriano

Ivory Briggs
Demonstenes Santiago

Eleanor Ehlert
Tammy Schwinegruber

Krista Guardino
Samuel Moffitt

Anthony Hughes
Tyler Judson
Cassandra Thompson

Christopher Gaul
Jamie Mickelson
Heidi van de Wouw

Olivia Biswas
Jessica Guardino
Breanna Jones

Bryanna Fissori 
Richard Ehlert 
Mark Krenn 

Joe Chapman 
Kristy Mickelson 
William Watras

Bryanna Fissori 
Amanda Schaper